Wednesday, November 4, 2015

PAINTING Your Patterns


Here are your directions....
STEP #1. Use your color grid to decide which colors to use in your painting. Choose a color scheme and collect 9 colors that fit the scheme...paint the 9 colors into a "grid".

STEP # 2  Seal your pencil lines, by painting the patterns with CLEAR ACRYLIC MEDIUM

STEP #3  "Stain" your patterns with one of the colors in your color scheme.... BE SURE you can see the pencil lines through the color layer.

STEP #4  Apply your  colors to your pattern AND use these variations:
    Tints of them
    Shades of them
    neutralized (no saturation) version of them (add black, add white, or mix complements)

and use these painting techniques:
    Solid color
    Wet to wet blending (smooth)
    drybrush techniques (visual texture)

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