Sunday, June 3, 2012


Use this wonderful site to find your "Artist Mentor"..... an artist whose work interests you.

Collect and print a sample of their work, the artwork's name, the artist's name, the date the piece was made, and what you think the most important ELEMENT of art they used in making the piece.

Use some part of their work in each of your designs...

Here is the link @

Starting the FINAL PROJECT! Brainstorming...

Here are examples of student's developing ideas through "BRAINSTORM MAPS".....

You are asked to create your own brainstorming map to develop a theme for your final project artwork...

The brainstorm map has a center "theme", or BIG IDEA- then you branch off it with new ideas...

The theme is something BROAD, that you can not touch (emotions, beauty, etc.) and as you branch off it, you get ideas for things you CAN touch that relate to it....

Here are some sample maps from students in my Painting class...

Monday, May 14, 2012

Clay With Personality!

Let's get into clay! 

Here are some of the handouts

Here are some examples of form, surface texture, and "lifting off the table" or gesture.

Here are pieces by the ceramic artist Akio Takamori.....

See more of his work here @

 "Queen", 2003, 42 X 32 X17 inches, stoneware with underglazes

 The artist working on a figurative piece

"Man With Faces"

Friday, February 3, 2012

Where did text come from?

Here's information about the origin of printed language..... cooool eh?

Here's the link @


Decorate your folder using a  MONOGRAM.

Use your initials, even numbers too!

Pay attention to: 
• overlapping letters need a "Gap"
• Work the thickness to create stability
• Let the shape of the letters tell the story



I plan to use this bog as a resource for YOU to see more examples of what is ART!!!

Look here for class project handouts, examples of student work, and links to other artist ideas and work.