Sunday, October 25, 2015

Color Information


Please copy this info and images about color to your ipad and post if to your blog (we will use it to paint in the pattern)

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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Looking for Patterns

PART 1, Researching what patterns looks like and WHY they are made...

Gather three examples of patterns from EACH of these "categories".
• Post the examples to your blog, WITH a link back to the source....
• Write one or two sentences describing what you found interesting about each of the examples. Was it the SHAPE, COLOR, VALUE, LINE, TEXTURE or FORM that you liked?

Influenced partly by a religious "ban" on human and animal imagery in their art, Islamic art explores "all over" decoration, calligraphy and use of natural objects (shapes) used to make patterns.

Interior of the Sulemaniyue Mosque

See some examples here @
and here @

An influential English artist and designer. He helped start the ARTS AND CRAFTS movement of 1880, which renewed interest in a simple way of life and respected hand made objects.

Morris is best known for his design work, including wallpaper and textile designs.
'Trellis' woodblock printed wallpaper, by William Morris, England, 1864

Acanthus leaves and wild rose on a crimson background, wallpaper design


American architect. 
Wright designed not only the buildings, but the interiors and all decorating as well.
Wright was hugely influential as a MODERN architect.
His buildings responded to their setting, materials they were made of, and the FORM and SPACE they create.


Falling Water, by F L Wright
Interior Leaded Glass Window design, Robie House
interior design, Robie House


Quick link to his site @

"Turning Torso", building

Guillemins TGV Railway Station

About Picasso....

A very important part of learning the history of art is knowing about Pablo Picasso....


Picasso is one of the few (two) artists who helped CHANGE the idea of "what is art?"  He helped "invent" cubism, which lead to the creation of what we consider "MODERN" or abstract art.

1. Picasso was a gifted, adventurous, confident artist, who took risks with his art.

2. Picasso created his artwork in response to his life, feelings and the world around him.

3. Picasso's work was a HUGE influence on artists, even years later.

His Early work

This painting was created by Picasso when he was just 15 years old..... he was very talented and skilled at such a young age.

Science and charity. Barcelona, 1897
restoring the painting in 1970....
Picasso's artwork changed many times as he developed as an artist...

Several examples of these changes are:

The Blue Period...

The Rose Period
Family of Saltimbanques

Still Life with a Bottle of Rum, 1911


See more about this painting here @

Monday, October 12, 2015


A great Right Brain drawing! 

Recreate this drawing- even the border- by drawing it UPSIDE DOWN! That way your LEFT brain can't understand it and interfere with the "drawing as you see" process.

Here is the image....

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Here is a copy of the handout for you :-)

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You Could Get This Too

Check out this link and the recipients..... These are things YOU could do too!!

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Here are some great examples...

See more about the artist and thje work here @