Sunday, November 29, 2015

Ribbon Drawing

Please build your own "ribbon still life" to draw from.... Here are two examples:

This one is a good solution...

THIS one is a BETTER, CREATIVE solution... see the difference?

Artist of the Week- M. C. Escher

A wonderful mathematician and creative artist, Escher is well known for his "Metamorphosis" images and his "impossible shapes" images. He was influenced, in part, by the ornate tile work he saw in Islamic architecture- like the Alhambra.

Here are some examples of his work.....

The artist

See more here @

Sunday, November 15, 2015

POSTING the Paintings, and GRADE SHEETS

Great work on completing the Painting!
Please post images of the entire painting and details of your painting, then answer these questions about your work.

 1. What was your color scheme? post a photo of your color scheme diagram if you want.

2. Show where you used wet to wet, dry brush, tints and shades.

3. Take photos to show where you used VALUE and contrast to make EMPHASIS. Explain what you did with paint to make that area stand out. (tints, shades, complementary colors, or other ideas?)

Here is a copy of the grade sheet for the painting part of the Project...

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

PAINTING Your Patterns


Here are your directions....
STEP #1. Use your color grid to decide which colors to use in your painting. Choose a color scheme and collect 9 colors that fit the scheme...paint the 9 colors into a "grid".

STEP # 2  Seal your pencil lines, by painting the patterns with CLEAR ACRYLIC MEDIUM

STEP #3  "Stain" your patterns with one of the colors in your color scheme.... BE SURE you can see the pencil lines through the color layer.

STEP #4  Apply your  colors to your pattern AND use these variations:
    Tints of them
    Shades of them
    neutralized (no saturation) version of them (add black, add white, or mix complements)

and use these painting techniques:
    Solid color
    Wet to wet blending (smooth)
    drybrush techniques (visual texture)