Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Growing a drawing homework

Here's a new homework challenge for you! Use your shading and line drawing skills to "grow" a drawing from one magazine fragment to another....
Work with Ebony and other "hard" core pencils (HB, 2B, F pencils)
The challenge is in matching the values and shapes of one image and morphing it into the other....

Check out the amazing samples shown- COOL.

Monday, September 21, 2009

More amazing student artwork!

Here are more examples of student's work from this semester- Harmonious lines drawings. Emphasis was on the control of the pencil and the marks made. Note how the drawings "shimmer" or visually "move".

Mystery Image Drawing

Here's our next challenge for Art 1! Each student will get a fragment of a "mystery image" to recreate with shading!

See if you can figure out what the image is......

Mikaela's new drawing

To make The Positive and Negative Space drawing I used the ebony, 2B, and 2H pencils. I used patterns from nature and continuous lines. I used leaves, ants, suns, raindrops, and harmonious lines to fill the negative space. To make the positive space stand out I outlined the objects with the ebony pencil.

Quinn's New Drawing

The tools that I used to make this Positive and Negative Drawing was the ebony pencil and the 2b pencil. I made this drawing by fist making the outlines of the skewer and leafs by one long continuous line. I then made patterns in the negative space. The patterns i used were clouds, leafs, flowers, and waves. I outlined my positive space with dark lines using the ebony pencil.

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*Credit goes to Mr. Leake for starting the bog revolution at WA!!! It was HIS idea! :-)

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First project- POS/NEG SPACE drawing

Students dove right into drawing from observation with these creations.
Here's the handout!


Welcome to the Art 1 class blog!

I hope you and I will use this as a source of ideas, pride and display of the work created in class this semester.
Students work will be on display as well as their ideas and comments.