Wednesday, October 14, 2015

About Picasso....

A very important part of learning the history of art is knowing about Pablo Picasso....


Picasso is one of the few (two) artists who helped CHANGE the idea of "what is art?"  He helped "invent" cubism, which lead to the creation of what we consider "MODERN" or abstract art.

1. Picasso was a gifted, adventurous, confident artist, who took risks with his art.

2. Picasso created his artwork in response to his life, feelings and the world around him.

3. Picasso's work was a HUGE influence on artists, even years later.

His Early work

This painting was created by Picasso when he was just 15 years old..... he was very talented and skilled at such a young age.

Science and charity. Barcelona, 1897
restoring the painting in 1970....
Picasso's artwork changed many times as he developed as an artist...

Several examples of these changes are:

The Blue Period...

The Rose Period
Family of Saltimbanques

Still Life with a Bottle of Rum, 1911


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